Is Magi anime coming back for season 3 or not? What is the status of the third instalment of the drama which is a mixture of Aladdin and his friends. We all have heard the story of Arabian Prince Aladdin and his genie who have some powers or wishes for Aladdin to lớn have it.

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Now this is also the same which is converted in the size of tv animated drama and most watch as it revolves around main three characters Aladdin, Alibaba và Morgiana.

So, let’s be more forward to know everything about Magi third instalment from its release date lớn its cast & plot.

Anime NameMagi Season 3Release DatePendingGenreAction và Adventure AnimePlatformNetflix

Magi Season 3: Release Date

In 2022, at the time of writing we still don’t have enough information lớn tell you when the third season of magi will come as no announcement is made for its new season officially.

And when anything official comes we will update this section. If you have watched this animated drama then you already know that 7 years have been completed and still there is no season after having enough nội dung to cover in the third season. So what is the reason behind not coming Magi season 3 till this time.


If we check its series ratings, source material và demand for the show then it is still there to renew the next season also but creators have not made any decision regarding magi new instalment ie. 3rd one.

If someone says that is their source material left lớn make new season of this anime then the answer to this question is yes as the second season of Magi anime aired in 2014 and from that time maximum material is left lớn be covered lớn make another season of this anime by picking up the other volumes of manga series whose latest volume is published in 2019 và it has 369 chapters in complete manga of which only 198 are covered in both seasons of animated series of Magi.

Popularity or demand of the series for the new season is also there, unfortunately nothing official news came out for its renewal or cancellation. So there are equal chances for Magi Season 3 to renew or cancel.

But According to lớn me there are less chances of renewal because the anime new season has not come till this time và 7 years have been completed.

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If the makers wanted lớn renew the drama then they would not take so much time to renew it & even on social news there is nothing about its season 3 which indirectly indicates there are less chances of its renewal.

But don’t lose hope because of the fall in demand which was high in previous years and now declining because the future is uncertain and we don’t know what comes next to lớn surprise all of us.

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Magi Season 3: Plot


This time plot for the Magi season is unknown because nothing is confirmed about the new season of Magi and it is expected that if the drama continues then it will follow the trip of Aladdin in different parts of the world and like in previous one in this he also meets new friends và enemies.

So the same amount of adventure is expected from the third season of Magi animated series.

Magi Season 3 Cast or Voice Actors

Who is going to appear in the third season of Magi?

Yet, no confirmation is there for the voice actors and the characters they performed in Magi animated series but it is assumed that all voice cast will come back to lớn reprise their characters in the third season if it is renewed.

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Magi Season 3 Trailer

No, trailer is available for Magi Season 3 so you can enjoy Magi Sinbad trailer which is provided below-

You can watch this adventure anime on Netflix, Funimation Now and on Crunchyroll.

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Complete BD Box set too!

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Magi_USA) June 28, 2017


For Magi Season 3 you have to lớn wait a little longer as no official announcement is there for when Magi Season 3 airs.

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