As one of the stars of the Netflix hitLove Alarm, tuy nhiên Kang is perhaps more in the global spotlight than ever right now. Sure, the lãng mạn drama series only has one season under its belt & another on the way, but Love Alarm already boasts an ever-expanding fanbase who just can’t seem to lớn get enough, in part thanks to the show’s truly talented cast full of top-notch actors lượt thích Kang.

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If you’ve ever wanted to know a little more about the captivating cast of Love Alarm, you’re definitely not alone. So without further ado, here’s everything to lớn know about the Sun-oh actor, tuy vậy Kang.

Song Kang age

Born April 23, 1994, Kang is 26 years old.

While this twenty-something actor on the rise might still be very green in some ways professionally, the film và TV credits he’s achieved so far are pretty impressive. Not khổng lồ mention, Kang’s been making quite the name for himself on Love Alarm.

You can kiểm tra out his IMDb page here.

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Song Kang Instagram

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by 송강 (

As of this moment, tuy vậy Kang has whopping5.5 million followers. Alongside Kang’s mere 86 Instagram posts, that’s pretty impressive, khổng lồ put it mildly. He uses his page to nội dung professional mã sản phẩm photos, along with promotional images from the Netflix series. When Love Alarmseason 2 drops on March 12, chances are his social media following & vivid star power nguồn will just keep rising.

You can check out tuy nhiên Kang’s full Instagram tài khoản here.

Song Kang height

The South Korean actor is 6’1.

Curious about what to expect from Love Alarm season 2? The new season is coming up quickly!

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